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Lust Coloring Tutorial (Using Dark Colors) for PS7

How to go from this to in PS 7

First, Crop to 100x100pxl, sharpen once, adjust contrast and levels. Because the original image is kinda dark, I duplicated the base twice and set the two new layers to screen.

Then, using the wand tool, select Lust's Oroborus (sp?) tattoo and fill it in with a medium to dark red. Do the same with her lips.
Paste this gradient and set it to Soft Light
Paste this gradient and set it to Soft Light
Dublicate your base and set it to the top. Desaturate it and set it to Overlay.
Create a new layer, fill it with a goldenrod color (#DDD19D) and set it to Multiply.
Duplicate your Desaturated, Overlay base and move it to the top. Make sure it is also set on Overlay.
Add your text. For this icon, I used Arial and these settings. I used the dropper tool to pick up the color of Lust's skin for the text color.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Lemme know what you get out of the tutorial, but please don't copy the icon completely. :D
Tags: fma, icons, tutorials
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